Reduce hair fall

How to reduce hair fall  using onions?

Materials required:

1. Onion - 1 medium sized.


1.Chop the onion into 4 pieces.
2.Grind them in a mixer grinder and make a paste of it.
3. Apply it on your scalp.
4. Leave it for 30 minutes.
5. Rinse/wash your hair with water.


1. Do this thrice a week for better results.
2. You may use shampoo to wash your hair in case the onion paste doesn't removes properly.
                             (recommended : use dove shampoo. Just click on the picture to buy it).
 3. Don't comb your hair immediately after washing it.

How does it works?

Onions contains organic sulphur compound, which is contained in a volatile oil, that provide health benefits and helps in recovering the damaged cells, hence reducing hair fall and promoting it's growth.

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  1. I seriously needed this. Thank you !

    1. It's great to hear it from you. This will definitely help you and for more updates on beauty and health do like my Facebook page


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